Autumn Statement to raise further costs in recruitment?   (04-12-2014)

Crichton E M Miller FCILT

Further costs to fuel the HGV Driver agency supply chain shortage?

As the Government autumn statement announces that  HMRC is to  investigate some Umbrella companies for manipulating margin using travel and subsistence schemes it will further drive up costs and increase the charge rates for drivers in a market place where competition for pay rates is already increasing. 
These schemes often help some unscrupulous intermediaries operate hidden margins by pocketing Employers NI contributions while apparently increasing the take home pay of  temporary drivers who may eventually have to pay back the gain.

How will the Hirer, or main contractor wishing to protect their reputation know that their supplying agencies are compliant without full transparency of the driver supply chain?
Fortunately, there is a solution that has been built and beta tested with large Clients in the UK over the last 10 years, which is now available, that gives full transparency of the whole driver supply chain and provides surety of compliance from end to end with the added benefit of cost savings. 
" My team and I have built the answer"

  • Perhaps you are a Hirer wishing to control agency suppliers or operate your own part time driver work force data base.
  • If you are an Agency, RPO or Master Vendor wishing to prove to Hirers that both you and your drivers are fully compliant, look no further.
  • If you are a consultant in logistics and transport or a supply chain professional, you need to know what is available.

There is an innovative service that is so efficient that it can provide full compliance and transparency, while reducing costs, increasing planning efficiency as well as automating time sheets and PO reconciliation.

First class references from major UK users are available.

For an on line demo of this major technical breakthrough in complete internal and external end to end recruitment and control of scalable candidate data base capacity and automated compliance of EU Driver hours, AWR and WTD go to

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