Recruitment Company(s)

Artifice® will help your company to operate efficiently. Whether you run an office operation or multiple branches / sites Artifice® will provide you and your team with real time control and visibility of candidates & availability, bookings confirmation status by client & assignment, cost, KPI and compliance data.

Artifice is designed by expert developers who have worked closely with recruiters therefore our solution will be the best fit for your fast paced recruitment operation.

Candidate profiling is simple to create and maintain. You can record all qualifications, licences, references, CV and other documents which can be held in the database and your clients can even view the profile of each temp once you've assigned him/her to a booking.

The bookings management tool is so simple it will allow your consultant to maintain their plans accurately with ease whether they are in the office or not. Artifice® will help you to remove those cost associated with booking, payment and billing errors.

Once bookings are confirmed on your Artifice platform you can automate your 'temp worker' time and attendance. You can remove manual timesheet entry, automate your payroll and your client can benefit from automated purchase reconciliation process. This will reduce administration costs for both you and your clients.

You will need a system which will allow you to effectively manage and control AWR compliance regardless of the supply model(s) that you operate Pay / Pay Parity, Permanent (PBA), Second Tier, Umbrella and / or Personnel Service Company can be supplied and controlled simultaneously.

In fact, Artifice® will monitor all temps supplied and it will track and identify exactly when pay parity will apply and it will automatically adjust the pay and charge rates when/where applicable. The system will also monitor temps supplied under Swedish Derogation Model you can easily track temp availability, assignments accepted, work offered and assignments refused by the temp.

Artifice® will ensure compliant payroll management for all temps supplied. Artifice® facilitates multi- tier rate structures allowing you to set up and manage complex pay and charge rates for your temps and those of any second tiers supplied temps that you may also use.

Data can easily be exported to your preferred payroll and accounting systems to ensure the seamless integration with your existing software packages.

You will require specific management information and KPI data. Both you and your clients can benefit from having access to real time KPI data. Fill rates, attendance, punctuality, AWR, WTD, temp performance ratings and cost analysis reports will be available to you whenever and wherever you need it.

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